Andrew Conklin Data Product Consultant

Andrew Conklin
Andrew Conklin is a Data Product Consultant for early stage business ventures. Andrew is also the Local Activator for Andrew is a firm believer in “Clock Building”, contributing to Ingenuity, and developing strong, connected, supportive communities. His most prominent technical work has been in data pipelines, engineering, and privacy for real-time neurodegenerative disease patient progression predictive analytics. He has been a contributing author for multiple conference posters; including ALS/MND, NEALS, and JSM. He has also given talks on “Fast and Iterative R Machine Learning model API deployments on ‘Serverless’ hosting”. Andrew graduated from Western Michigan University in Computer Science, with completed online course work at the University of Minnesota on the Healthcare Marketplace, Providers, Innovation, and Technology Evaluation. Previously, Andrew started a FitTech venture for Yoga, Youth Sports, and Bootcamp Member management. 


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