Cezara Windrem Head of VR
AARP Innovation Labs

Cezara Windrem

Innovation and product executive employing immersive media and spatial computing to create valuable solutions that span generations. She heads up the work in virtual reality at AARP Innovation Labs, and is the creator and producer of Alcove – the VR platform that brings together the intergenerational family connection and the VR ecosystem. Alcove was voted Finalist for Best Consumer App at AWE 2019. https://alcovevr.com/

Alcove is a platform of curated content, built in a way that is simple, accessible, and that takes into account the needs and considerations of an ageless consumer. It includes content from multiple artists and developers around the world, and it aims to grow over time with unique and relevant experiences and content that intergenerational families will enjoy.

Cezara’s professional background is at the intersection of media and technology. She has over a decade of experience applying design thinking and human centered product management principles to create, lead, and scale products that enhance people’s lives at work, and at home. Her educational background includes an MBA from Georgetown University, and Global Management studies at the University of Oxford. She is a frequent speaker at various national and global industry events including AWE, AdWkDC, CES, Games4Change, MAVRIC, Smithsonian Digitization, SXSW, VRARA, VRX by Reuters, XR+ by World Economic Forum.


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