Dr. Adam Davis Founder
Amalgamated Vision

Dr. Adam Davis

Dr. Davis is the Founder of Amalgamated Vision LLC, a company dedicated to the development of ultra near-to-eye, laser-based virtual retinal display. AV optical technology is the first solution to enable the inevitable progression to hands free, wearable mobile display; initially augmenting and then replacing the cell phone and tablet screen. Applicable industries include healthcare, telecommunications, aerospace and enterprise.  Within healthcare more specific applications include patient monitoring, telemedicine, diagnostic medical imaging and image guided surgical & interventional therapy.

Dr Davis is the Chief Medical Officer for Olea Medical, a division of Canon Medical, specializing in the development of software for the analysis and display of radiographic images and data, predominately CT and MRI.

Dr. Davis has been a practicing neuroradiologist for more than two decades specializing in the imaging diagnosis of cerebrovascular disease including ischemic stroke, aneurysms and vascular malformations. He is an expert in CT imaging with a focus on CT angiography, brain perfusion and dual energy technique. He has twenty years’ experience in advanced imaging and medical post-processing, with a special interest in stereoscopy, volume rendering, user interface and virtual, augmented and mixed reality display platforms. Dr. Davis was Clinical Associate Professor, Radiology and Director of the Image Processing Lab at New York University Langone Medical Center. He is an active teacher, lecturer and long-standing consultant for global medical imaging companies.


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