Dr. Laura Stanley Professor
Human-Computer Interaction
Montana State University

Dr. Laura Stanley

Dr. Laura Stanley is a passionate educator and researcher, and has a zest for pushing academic boundaries with her technology inspired pursuits. A professor at Montana State University where she studies human-computer interaction, e.g. projects include immersive technologies for pain and anxiety management for children with cancer and those undergoing surgeries, as well as mixed reality (e.g., imagine a hologram therapist) coupled with artificial intelligence to aid those with addictions. She is also using similar mechanisms for human-robot interaction via a recent award from the National Science Foundation. Dr. Stanley holds three degrees in engineering, a B.S. from Virginia Tech, M.S. and Ph.D. from Montana State University and has authored 72 peer-reviewed publications and acquired $14M in research funding. She served as a Program Officer at the National Science Foundation where she helped to shape the nation’s research agenda. Inspiring Dr. Stanley is the advancement of minorities in engineering and computer science; believing in the power of STEM to help others. Her research ideas often happen while fly fishing and wandering around Montana’s open spaces.


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