Indira Knight Creative Technologist
Royal College of Art

Indira Knight

Indira Knight is a creative technologist and developer with a background in 2D and 3D animation, XR, emerging technologies and data visualisation. At the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design she is on the healthcare research team, where she is working on a virtual reality project designing a VR application for mental health treatment. She creates prototype web applications and physical interfaces in JavaScript, Python and Arduino. She has been a regular organiser and participant in workshops and sprints to design solutions for set challenges. She is skilled at teaching complex ideas to people from a range of backgrounds. Indira is actively involved in the development community. In 2017, along with a cofounder, she set up the Web XR London meetup group and is a co-organiser of LPWAN London. She recently spoke at Render 2018 and has run workshops on emerging technologies, D3.js and A-Frame and at a number of conferences and events. She was on the program committee of the W3C Workshop on WebVR Authoring that took place in Brussels in 2017. Her book, Connecting Arduino to the web, has just been published.


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