Julie LeMoine Chief Innovation Officer

Julie LeMoine

Julie LeMoine is a 5-time entrepreneur with experience that runs the gamut from working with NASA on the space shuttle systems, to designing ARPAnet security protocols to being voted one of the top Women in VR in 2018. She has spent the last 15-years working with more than 20 organizations to create planning/strategies, pilots and services using 3D, XR, and gaming innovations. Ms. LeMoine has been a mentor to adults with Autism in the area of employment goals and has created the 3D technology and virtual worlds used in multiple projects assisting in the training and coaching adults with Autism in the area of digital careers. She has recently moved into the academic research sector in order to apply her ‘technovation’ background to brain health and to better support individuals with Autism, Alzheimer’s and other cognitive difficulties, as well as for Wellbeing for all, using applied 3D gaming, Avatars, AR and VR to promote quality of life, memory, and community well being. In 2017 she was a selected Delphi speaker, presenting concepts on applied 3D for transitioning teens and adults with Autism. Julie is a Microsoft sponsored, IRC Scholar and working toward finishing a Ph.D. in Applied Augmented & Virtual Reality in Health and Wellbeing at UCD, prior to launching her next venture. She is the co-founder of the Shriver InovaXR Lab at UMass Medical School where she is a visiting scholar conducting her PhD field research. Ms. LeMoine continues to provide organizations with guidance in XR via her HorizonIRs consulting firm.


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